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Intensity: Moderate

Located 66 miles from Hopkins, Lighthouse Atoll can be found along with its world famous feature - the Blue Hole. The Blue Hole forms a perfect 1,000 foot/300m diameter circle on the surface and plunges vertically to a depth of 410 feet/125m. At 130 feet/40m depth inside the hole are the world's largest underwater dripstones, or stalactites, ever found. Here, southern stingrays and majestic eagle rays tend to travel in fighter-squadron formations, and divers often find themselves face-to-face with wing-tipped manta rays in flight. Experienced divers can go down 130 feet/40m while other divers can enjoy a comfortable 60-foot/18m Blue Hole dive.

The second dive explores the Half Moon Caye wall. Half Moon Caye is a national monument boasting some of Belize's clearest waters and finest beaches. Its wall displays a unique topography of swim-through channels.  Immense coral buttresses are decorated with black corals, gorgonian, sea whips and a variety of brightly colored sponges, as well as a profusion of reef fish and cruising pelagics.

Divers will enjoy a picnic lunch and a relaxing surface interval before heading out to Long Caye for the third and final dive.  Perched on the edge of the cobalt blue abyss, “The Aquarium” starts in only 15-20 feet/4-6m of water before plummeting downward. This site offers what is arguably some of Belize's most prolific and high energy diving.

Price: $320.00*
Please contact us for more information
Request for Tour must be made at least 12 hours in advance.
Minimum: 8 Persons 
Lunch Not Included

What to bring:

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Towel
  • Swimsuit
  • Waterproof Camera
  • Hat
  • Bug Spray/Repellent
  • NO Jewelry

*All rates are in US dollars per person, based on minimum persons indicated. An additional 22.5% will be applied for General Sales Tax and Resort Fee.
**Also available on different days upon request. Minimum persons required.
***Length of time may vary depending on weather conditions that could affect travel times.

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