Premium Tour

Intensity: Moderate

Glover’s Reef probably best represents the incredible diversity and pure diving potential that Belize has to offer. You start your diving journey by motoring out sixteen miles past the Barrier Reef to the first dive site. If visibility is good, this dive site is called "The Pinnacles", which has enormous coral heads rising up 40 ft/12 m or more from the bottom. The second and third dives are on the east side of the atoll where the water depth quickly drops off to more than 2000ft/660m and visibility is usually over 100 feet.

You will dive several sites on this side of the Atoll and most likely dive Long Caye Wall, a world class dive.  At this site, you will drop onto a big field of bright white sand at 40 feet/12 m, home to southern stingrays, garden eels, and branching corals.  With the usual 100+ ft/30+m visibility, the view down the wall gives the impression of limitless space. Explore the sand channels exploding with fish and marine life as you follow the top of this memorable wall.

Price: $125.00*
Minimum: 8 Persons  •   Days Offered: Upon Request **
Departs: 7:00 am   •  Returns: 3:00 pm***

Lunch Included!

What to bring:

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Towel
  • Swimsuit
  • Waterproof Camera
  • Bug Spray/Repellent
  • NO Jewelry

*All rates are in US dollars per person, based on minimum persons indicated. An additional 12.5% Government Sales Tax will be applied.
**Also available on different days upon request. Minimum persons required.
***Length of time may vary depending on weather conditions that could affect travel times.

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